Lifestyle photography is arguably today’s most in-demand genre. While it might seem pretty effortless from the outside, there’s much more to lifestyle photography than simply taking impromptu shots. We asked Alter-View photographer Maïder Oyarzabal to share some tips, that’ll help you get that lifestyle feel.

1. Always Have a Camera with You

You never know, what’ll happen in a second  and you don’t want to miss something worth shooting. Sometimes you’ll have that great light or a very inspiring moment that you’ll want to to capture, so bring your camera with or at least have your phone with a camera feature out and handy.

2. Zoom In

While you might be tempted to literary look at the big picture, sometimes it really pays off  to focus on little details. I have nothing against wider shots - they tell their own story, but very often it’s the little things, that make a photograph special.

3. Look for the Light

The right light is what makes the main difference between a good image and a very special one. Try to let things unfold organically as much as possible, but don’t be afraid to change your shooting position or angle of your camera.

4. Stay Weird

Stay true to your weird side - that’s what makes your picture unique and personal. Don’t limit yourself, because you never know how things will unfold. Connect with you inner child, it will give sensitivity to your work and special style to your images.

5. Always be Ready

The key to great lifestyles is avoiding posed pictures, and to do that you should always be alert. If you want to take a great portrait you need to be spontaneous and capture the right expression without imposing anything. Also, if you manage to build a connection with the person you’re shooting, your photos will come out great.

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