So you’ve made shooting more photos your New Year resolution but we’re 17 days into the new year and your camera is still collecting dust? Alter-View offers 5 easy-to-follow tips to stay motivated in your photography and make more great shots.

1. Always Have Camera With You
Make this your core philosophy: carrying your camera everywhere will inevitably result into more shots and this is the case where you gradually transition from quantity to quality. If you’re serious about photography, you should give preference to DSLR, since practice is the only way to learn your camera capabilities through and through. It may cause some difficulties at first, but eventually the habit of always carrying a camera will affect your gear choices - what’s the point in a big fancy camera if it’s never going to leave your bag?

2. Move Around
In today’s world where everything’s moving and changing so quickly, you don’t have to wait for stuff to happen anymore: go places you haven’t been before or places you don’t go often to and document everything you see. Finding the right location has always been challenge, but in the digital age it ceases to be a viable excuse. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Discover Earth - their Instagram @discoverearth is sure to get you in the right mood.

3. Get New Gear
Getting new tools and equipment is always motivating - you need to figure out how it works after all: like this super-cool 360fly 4K video camera for amazing spherical shots, or revolutionary Phantom 4 Pro by DJI, that will elevate your aerial photography. Not ready to purchase? You can always borrow, rent or trade the equipment you need. Experiment with those and before you know it, you’ve already created a new habit. Just make sure you don’t develop gear acquisition syndrome, no matter how great the equipment is, it’s only a tool.

4. Challenge Yourself
Take a simple numeric challenge of making 5 photos a week and promise yourself a nice reward in the end or join one of the many photo-challenges that Instagram offers - it will affect a positive change in your work. You can always start a #365project and document your progress on a daily basis or just pick a theme - it may be something as simple as geometrical shapes as in #DSShapes challenge - give yourself a timeline and work with it. You’ll get the desired practice, community support and become a better photographer when it’s over.

5. Pay Attention
This world is a beautiful place - sometimes all you have to do is look around. Photography teaches us to be mindful, present and see beauty in the little things. Make photography your personal kind of meditation and magical things will start to happen.

Photo by De-Stroyev.