We’re proud to announce that amazing Alexandra Kremer-Khomassouridze has just joined our team of photographers. Alexandra is a renowned photographer who's works have been internationally exhibited and published in numerous journals and magazines around the world, including Paris Match, Le Monde, Le Figaro. Based in Paris, Alexandra constantly travels the world for her art projects and is ready to go to any part of the world for great captures.

In Alexandra’s work you’ll find the endless pursuit to explore what’s under the surface. For instance, in the upcoming artistic project “What happiness is...” she investigates the different forms that the pursuit of happiness might take for people of different nations, occupations and ways of living. Having a solid background in both art and photojournalism, she is able to get to the core of any idea, person, place or event and present them in her unique vision. Along with the other Alter-View photographers, Alexandra is now ready to take up any commercial project, because she can get to any location, open any door, talk to any person and no one can resist her!


To see more of Alexandra's work, check out her portfolio: