A few weeks ago our creative and photography team has been joined by an incredibly talented person: Vasily Greshnev. He is based in Moscow, Russia and is a Creative Director and Photographer who's been helping international brands build their identity for more than 10 years. Throughout his long photography career he has gone through various different stages of testing different styles and testing different ways to shoot. He is an excellent Architecture photographer and is amazing at taking Lifestyle photos. Today however, he has found his niche and has been perfecting it with every shoot that he does: Women.

Vasily is an unbelievable Women's photographer and people person. Everyone that works with him, feels instantly at ease because he creates a sense of comfort and confidence around himself and his work. He is great for all kinds of shoots and taking into account his past experiences, he will try and find the most unique locations and interesting situations that will make his subjects stand out in a very specific way that clearly expresses his style and personal brand as a photographer. Vasily fits perfectly into the Alter-View team and we are very excited to have him onboard.

To See more of Vasily's work, check out his portfolio: