Lucy Foster is a young and promising photographer from Dublin, Ireland. Her creative field is broad and diverse, covering such areas as travel photography, music photography and social activism.

She started her career in 2013, after leaving Ireland, camera in hand, and spent several years travelling through Asia, Australia, USA and Africa. Her passion for travel resulted in a succession of works transmitting the pulsing energy of her destinations: in her pictures you will find the openness of African people, the tranquil spirit of Japanese everyday life and of course, the stunning beauty of the Emerald Island’s coasts.


Lucy’s career took a new turn when in 2015 she shot her first live gig. She started actively participating in the musical life documenting shows in Ireland and around the world. Today, Lucy has already worked on dozens of popular music festivals and cooperated with magazines such as The Thin Air, The Last Mixed Tape, Headstuff and State Magazine. As well as shooting live gigs, Lucy creates portraits and press images for musicians. She aims to express individuality, character and even musical style of each one of them in her works.

In 2016, after the tragedy in "Pulse Club", Orlando, where 49 people were shot and 53 wounded, Lucy launched a project called 'ChooseLove', that would highlight the problems of the gay community around the world. The project aims to shows insights into the lives of the community’s members, promoting universal human values, such as love, acceptance and respect.

We wish Lucy every success in her career and are waiting impatiently for her new dynamic and sincere works!

To see more of Lucy's work, visit her site: