Smart people learn from their mistakes, geniuses learn from others. Here at Alter-View we’ve got a stellar team of photographers you can learn from. We asked Andrew Semark, a photographer and surfer from Western Australia, to talk about his favorite tools, accessories and sources of inspiration.

1) What Technology and Gear do you use?

I shoot with Canon gear mainly. I use the Canon 5d mkiii with a mix of canon L series Lenses. I have been trialing a new Sony setup for some of my landscape and surf work and the camera is producing some nice quality. I think staying focused for me personally it's a mentality, my gear is just a tool to help me produce the images I see in my head and bring them to life.

2) How do you Edit and what Tools and Accessories do you use?

I don’t edit to much on the go, I have a little system at home that I like to shoot and come home to my office and work away at my images. I think the comfort of my home office helps with my images. Love my Wacom tablet to help with finer details.

3) Where do you get your Inspiration from?

To be honest, I am still trying to focus on perfecting what I do, so I don’t visit many blogs or websites. There are so many amazing photographers going around it’s easy for me to get distracted so I try to keep my mind focused on what I'm doing. I use social media quite often so it’s easy to log on and see some amazing crew shooting some mental images. When I was asked to be a part of Alter-View, they sent me a couple of links of the other photographers and it blew my mind how good some of the crew I'm lucky enough to be included with.

To see more of Andrew's work, check out his page: