What’s the essence of Australianness? Alter-View photographer James E Harvey-Kelly attempts to answer the question in one of his latest series ‘Happy Days’, a campaign he put together for Australian brand P.Johnson.

P.Johnson is a tailoring brand from Sydney actively expanding at home and around the world. Having stores in Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York as well as selling online, they offer made to measure and ready to wear collections focused around lightweight suits and jackets. Recently P.Johnson have become the first Australian brand selling on Mr.Porter, a global retail marketplace for men's style.

James and P.Johnson worked closely together figuring out how to emphasize the unique combination of tailoring and true Australian heritage. ‘In Australia there’s not such a big culture of tailoring, so it’s a hard question how to authentically communicate about an Australian tailoring brand, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to define a new language around this genre. You want to be telling a story that’s true and but that’s also aspirational. We were pondering over and over and came to the conclusion that the most aspirational thing about Australia is its natural landscape. It has a beauty and a grandeur that speaks authentically to timeless high-values. So the key then was to find communities that have real relationships with this landscape. This way we created a rich and authentic story about Australia and this new tailoring wardrobe.’ – says James.
The campaign was shot in Byron Bay, a remote scenic surf spot in Australia. The brand’s team headed by James spent a week using surfers from the local community as models in their natural habitat. The whole campaign was shot on film. The Images by James E Harvey-Kelly have become a part of the online digital campaign of the brand throughout various media.

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