Behind most of great shots there are hours of hard work, craft secrets and photographer's talent, of course. Maïder Oyarzabal, Alter-View photographer, travel writer and ambassador for Nikon and GoPro, shares some of her favorite tools, accessories and sources of inspiration, that help her make such amazing photos. For more of her work, click to here!

1) Technology and Gear

I work mainly with Nikon D750, but consider lenses the most important part. Even though I love to shoot with prime lenses like the 35 or 50 F1.8 for the quality, beauty and creativity they bring into my pics, I often use zoom, as it fits my style the most: 24-70 f2.8 or even 24-120 f4. When I am in the outdoors, I need to have a lense that allows me to shoot wide landscapes, moving people or zoom in to get details like mountain peaks.

2) Editing Tools and Accessories

I definitely need a good laptop, as I spend a lot of time on it editing and writing! I only use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as I never had the patience to learn how to work in Photoshop and I don't really need it because I like to keep my editing quite natural. I often use the VSCO presets as a base and then give it the look I want.

3) Visual Inspiration

I love the online magazine iGNANT, because there you can find some great photography and discover new talents.They also feature design, fashion or architecture projects, which is perfect for nourishing your creativity. It's really arty and a bit weird, just the way I like it ! As for fellow-photographers whose style I like - I’d say Adrienne Pitts, London-based travel and lifestyle photographer and art-director, her Instagram @hellopoe is yet another source of inspiration for me.